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Spooky Forest

Public Paranormal investigation

Throughout the year we will be offering special dates that our haunted locations will be open to public paranormal exploration.
All public investigations require that you reserve your spot in advance by clicking below or purchasing them in our Curiosity shop at the Anchorage.
Upcoming Public Events
Outside b&w.jpg
Investigation at the Anchorage Mansion
Welcome to the 'Palace Beautiful' for a night of paranormal investigation. This large mansion was built in 1859 by Douglas Putnam, the richest man in Marietta at that time. He built it for his wife, Eliza, but unfortunately she died 3 years later. Many owners have come and gone, yet their spirits linger here today. Once a nursing home, this building harbors the souls of those not ready to move on. Encounters with an elegantly dressed woman in the tower and on the main staircase have been reported, as well as sightings of a little girl all over the house. Unexplained voices and screams have been heard audibly as well as caught on recorders, and a man in a top hat roams the hallways. We invite you inside to explore these hauntings yourself. Bring your ghost hunting equipment or borrow ours, and see what awaits you inside one of Historic Harmar's most haunted mansions.

8pm: Check-in and sign waiver
8:15-9pm: Haunted History tour of the building
9pm-1am: Roam the mansion on your own
1am: End of investigation
$50 per person, ages 18+ (or age 14+ with an accompanying guardian)
Space is limited
blennerhassett mansion night.jpg
mansion dark blennerhassett room.jpg
Investigation at Blennerhassett Island and Mansion
Join us on the dark and eerie island for a night of paranormal investigation. With regular sightings of apparitions and shadow people this is one of our most active locations. A little girl has been seen playing in the walnut room and interacting with children on tours, while a woman in red has been seen all over the island. Native spirits are said to stand guard in the shadows, while Harman Blennerhassett himself stalks the many rooms of the mansion.

We will be locked down on the island overnight, so bring shelter, a cooler with food and snacks for your group, and any investigation equipment you would like. You will have access to a bonfire, modern restrooms, some electricity, and water throughout the night. We also will have our own investigation equipment available to share throughout the night. 

Price includes boat ride to and from the island, camping spot, guided haunted history tour, nighttime investigation in the mansion and on the island and use of our ghost hunting equipment.

You must provide your own food and drink. A bonfire will be available for you for the duration of event, as well as electricity and modern bathroom facilities.

2024 Dates Now Available! June 15, Aug 17 and Oct 19

$100 per person, ages 18+ (or age 14+ with an accompanying guardian)
Space is limited

*Filming: All requests for filming of paranormal locations must take place prior to investigation and written permission received from Hidden Marietta and the respective owners of each property prior to investigation.

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