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Historic Marietta, Ohio

Marietta Ohio was founded in 1788, the oldest town in Ohio, but the area's history goes much further back. Hear the stories of their remarkable lives, shop in the historic buildings they built, visit their mansions and discover what may yet linger in the shadows. 


Ancient Mound in Marietta Ohio

We’ll visit flat-topped earthworks that bear an uncanny resemblance to Aztec temples; walk down a sacred road more than 20 centuries old; and stand atop the Quadranou Mound where ancient shamans studied the movement of the sun, moon and stars.

We’ll also explore enigmatic Mound Cemetery, the final resting place of Revolutionary War Patriots, and hear stories of ancient civilizations as we walk through the lovely Victorian neighborhood that surrounds the mounds.​ This tour is a fantastic opportunity to step way back in time. Over 2000 years old, the earthworks in this area are an important key to Marietta’s past.

Ancient Earthworks departs from the Washington County Public Library at 615 Fifth Street.

Next tour: April 13, 2024 11am

Cameras welcome!

Flood of 1913 in Marietta Ohio

Join Hidden Marietta’s local history guides on a search for evidence of fires and floods: learn how disaster has shaped our town's history, face and character. We may even encounter a few faded ads for forgotten businesses and products that no longer exist.
This tour is like stepping into a time machine, as you dig into a past that still lingers along the brick streets of Ohio’s oldest town. Evidence of the past exists all around us, if we only stop to see it!

Tour duration is approximately 90 minutes and subject matter is family-friendly. The total distance covered is a little over one mile. Although the entire course of Fires & Floods is over paved or brick streets, comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

2024 dates TBD


Historic Mansions in Marietta Ohio

Discover how the upper class lived in Marietta on a leisurely walk through the charming historic residential district. Hear the stories of grand ventures, influential women, and eccentric characters set amidst the elegant backdrop of Victorian mansions and brick streets. 

Let your imagination run wild as you imagine what it must have been like to grow up amidst the luxury and fierce expectations of Marietta's bluebloods.

2024 dates TBD


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