Historic Marietta, Ohio

Marietta Ohio was founded in 1788, the oldest town in Ohio, but the area's history goes much further back. The Adena and Hopewell cultures built large earthworks structures now surrounded by charming Victorian mansions. Visiting Marietta allows you to step back in time. Walk in the footsteps of Native Americans, Revolutionary & Civil War soldiers and New England pioneers. Hear the stories of their remarkable lives, shop in the historic buildings they built, visit their mansions and discover what may yet linger in the shadows. 

Unlock the secrets of the past with Hidden Marietta. On our tours, we will uncover the hidden history of the town's darker past: crime, disasters, eccentric characters and ancient history. We will take you around town on walking tours and inside historic buildings to experience Marietta's history for yourself.


Shop & Office located at Anchorage Mansion

424 George St. Marietta, OH 45750 
Phone: 740.538.0520

We are NOT holding public tours in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic.


Private groups of at least 4 people and private investigations are encouraged! Call us to book a private tour or investigation.

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