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In the ballroom of the haunted and historic Lafayette Hotel, we will gather together all those who delight in the supernatural. From hands-on activities such as psychic readings and reiki sessions to speakers teaching you the secrets of haunted objects and locations, to an unique assortment of creepy, creative merchandise, there will be an array of things to experience and learn! History & haunts tours of the Lafayette will also be available.
Advanced Tickets, $12 per person
Door Tickets, $15 per person

Coming for you on January 29, 2022

The Speakers

Scott Sukel

Scott is the former Ghost Hunt Manager and Historian at the Ohio State Reformatory. A paranormal investigator since 1993, his cases have ranged from the mundane to the malevolent. He has been called to consult in numerous investigations around the world, investigated for celebrities, and has assisted the Catholic Church.

Scott is a speaker, consultant, historian, and investigator of the paranormal. He shares his experiences and finding collected from his 25+ years in the field. He relies heavily on history to lend credibility  to hauntings.
Patti Wigington

Patti is a Pagan priestess, blogger, and best-selling author of several books on modern witchcraft, including, Daily Spell Journal, Herb Magic, Witchcraft for Healing, and Badass Ancestors, which she’ll have for sale at the Expo.

She will be speaking on Tarot & Divination, as well as spiritual Protection from Paranormal Entities.
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Kevin Paul

Kevin Paul, a native of Greene County, and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley of Connecticut, have collaborated on the first book to bring the county’s weird hauntings to light.

Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania takes the reader deep into dark and unexplored
corners to uncover a twilight world that exists alongside of us, waiting for us to be in the right place at the right time to make itself known.

Kevin will be joining us to discuss his book and paranormal encounters at our expo!
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Ashley Hilt

Ashley is a full-time a fortean investigator, specializing in cryptozoology, ufology, the paranormal, and the occult.

She will be sharing fascinating stories with us during the expo, as well as her current research in Mothman phenomena. Ashley also has a fascinating weekly podcast: On Wednesdays, We talk Weird. 
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Jeff Ignatowski

Jeff is the creator of Killers - the card game. He is an expert on several panels this year for Serial Killer Psychology and Serial Killer Culture, and he will be sharing his knowledge with us during our expo!

The Vendors

Wickeds Temple - wands, skulls, athames

On Wednesday We Talk Weird Podcast

Grandiose Glitches - jewelry, home goods

BBJ Decals - decals, stickers, candles

Seymour's Captive Cryptids - cryptid masks

Rami Ungar, Author

SassyDoor - wreaths, mannequin heads

Paranormal Quest - investigators

Patti Wigington, Author

Ginny Summers

Froda Smida - Armor, props

Vicky Graham
Brian Clary

Jannette Quackenbush, Author

Killer Card Game

Jeff Watson

John Woodall

Cbus Paranormal

Fireside Podcast

Beth Carmen

Sarah's Enchantments LLC

College Hill Hospital - tshirts, mugs, caps

2Realm Paranormal, Author
Kelly Bryant Studio - spooky paintings & stained glass

Lake Witch Shop - spell kits, herbal teas, ritual tools

Kelly's Kreations - candles, scary teddybears

Mark Randall, Artist

Dank McKinlee - 3d printed creepy items

Persephone Asthetics - taxidermy jars

Wicked Charms - pagan inspired decor

Scott Sukel, paranormal investigator

Haunted Heartland, Author Sherri Brake

Enchanted Emporium

Vicky Graham

Become a Vendor for our 2022 event!
$25 fee per 8 foot table and your space includes 2 vendor passes per organization.
Additional passes may be purchased at $5.00 each, up to 4 passes.

This is a family friendly event.
Reserving a table is not finalized until submission is reviewed. Once submission is approved an in-depth application will be sent to you. In addition to this, photos of your team and/or merchandise must be provided as well as a logo for your team or business.

If your vendor request is not approved your payment will be refunded back to you in full.

All vendor and speaker spaces are currently filled! Email us at info@hiddenmarietta.com to be put on the waiting list