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Anchorage Mansion in the 1930's
The Anchorage Mansion at Night

Anchorage Mansion Tours

Elmwood, Putnam's Folly, Putnam's Villa, The Anchorage...a house known by many names over the years is an iconic piece of Marietta's history. Explore the story of the Putnam Family and wander the dark hallways for yourself. 

Built in 1859, this Italianate mansion was the ambitious dream of Eliza Putnam, and she poured her heart and soul into its design. Unfortunately, she died in the home three years after it was built, but legend has it that she has never left. Her lonely spirit has been encountered throughout the house by visitors, guests and staff.

Many families moved in and out of the Anchorage over the years, each adding on a layer of history and a lasting legacy. From the 1960s-1980s the mansion operated as a senior care facility and was the last home to a number of its residents. Many of the eerie experiences that take place in the mansion are attributed to the souls of kindly nursing home patients eager for visitors. 


Today, the 23 room mansion is under renovation by the Washington County Historical Society. Tours are provided in collaboration with Hidden Marietta Tour Company, with a portion of every ticket going to preservation of this historic building.

Join us at the Anchorage Mansion
424  George Street, 
Marietta, OH 45750


Fridays & Saturdays:
Friday - Flashlight Tour ($25) 9pm
Saturday - Guided tour ($25) at 6pm
$5 optional 30 minute investigation available after each tour

Reserve your spot below

Mondays and Sundays:
Self-guided tours ($10) available from 12pm-5pm. Includes 1 hour tour (guided or self-guided depending on time you choose) and an optional 30 minute paranormal investigation using our ghost hunting equipment for only $5 more!
Walk-ins welcome!

Looking to investigate the mansion with your private paranormal group?

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