Marietta, Ohio

Established in 1788, Marietta is a historic and elegant town nestled at the confluence of two rivers. Visitors come to wander our shady brick streets and gaze at Victorian mansions. They love to browse for antiques and make merry in our bars and restaurants.


But there is another Marietta, a town only few visitors see. A Hidden Marietta exists just below the surface of ordinary life. It is a place where the past bleeds into the present and blurs the line that separates the living from the dead.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Many of our residents do. They encounter them in their homes and businesses.

Often we will hear of chance encounters with the paranormal just standing outside a haunted building or walking down the street!


Long before Marietta was settled as a pioneer town, the land was used for ancient ceremonial purposes. The evidence of earthworks over 2000 years old has led archeologists to believe that Marietta was once a holy site for the Adena and Hopewell Native Americans. Many structures still exist in Marietta, and our Victorian residential district was built directly on top of sacred land. And that very same area is now experiencing paranormal activity.


Our Ghost Tours

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paranormal investigations


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Shop & Office located at Anchorage Mansion

424 George St. Marietta, OH 45750 

Open for the Season (May-Oct)

Fridays 6pm-11pm

Saturdays 1pm-8pm

During office hours call: 740.629.0033

Phone: 740.538.0520

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We will be open June 5th, 2020, in a diminished capacity.
Starting June 5, tickets to tours and investigations must be purchased in advance online. No more than 10 people per group allowed in shop or on tours. Common areas will be disinfected after every tour. A distance of 6 feet must be maintained between family groups on tours.