These haunted locations are open to investigation only through

Hidden Marietta Tour Co. 

*We do not allow private groups to film their investigations for public view on social media or youtube in these historic locations at this time. 

The Anchorage

424 George Street,
Marietta, Ohio
To learn about volunteer opportunities at this location check out the Washington County Historical Society

This once stunning Italianate mansion was the home of Marietta's wealthiest couple: Douglas and Eliza Putnam. It was built for Eliza, at her special request. Unfortunately, she was unable to enjoy her new home for long, as she died just 3 short years after it was completed. She is still seen, however, standing forlornly in the tower, or at the top of the main staircase. Many families came to love the house, from author Dorothy James Roberts who lived there as a child, to oil tycoon Eddie MacTaggart. After the last owner of the home passed away in the early 1960s, the building became a nursing home. 

As the house fell into disrepair, the nursing home abandoned it and moved into a new facility. The Anchorage now belongs to the Washington County Historical Society and is slated for renovation. 

Many spirits are said to reside in this lonely mansion. A little girl is seen all over the house, and has been heard calling out by many visitors. Sounds of a gurney can be heard on the upper floors, as well as footsteps and the sound of sighing. The attic  and tower are said to be the creepiest locations, with shadows captured on film, voices heard audibly talking or screaming. 

*This building has no heat upstairs or air conditioning at present. There are bathroom facilities available. A portion of each tour and investigation goes to the renovation of this historic Victorian mansion. Investigation opportunities year round.

The Lafayette Hotel

101 Front Street
Marietta, Ohio

An elegant and historic hotel in downtown Marietta, this building has had over 100 years of ghostly activity.


An older male spirit is said to wander the hotel, playing pranks on unsuspecting guests and staff. A Victorian woman is seen in the front lobby and in the bar, perhaps waiting for someone to buy her a drink. Shadow figures are seen all over the hotel, a little boy is seen playing in the basement and a little ghostly girl runs up and down the servant’s staircase where she fell to her death.


Nearly every spot in this hotel has had reports of paranormal activity, but the areas where the activity occurs most frequently is off-limits to guests: old servant’s staircases, kitchens, and the basement. 

Note: Our annual public ghost hunt is the Lights Out Lockdown which takes place at the end of January each year. If you would like to investigate this location privately, please call 740.538.8996 and we will work with you and the hotel to find a time that will be convenient. Private investigations here may be limited due to the nature of the hotel business and other events taking place in the hotel over which we have no control. 

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Blennerhassett island

Parkersburg, West Virginia

Investigate the 300+ acres of Blennerhassett Island in a full overnight investigation. The island is only open to private investigation from May-October.

The island was originally inhabited by local native tribes, and many burials are said to have taken place here. Native spirits have been seen strolling through the trees, disappearing into darkness. 

In 1800, a beautiful mansion was completed on the island for Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett, two European aristocrats yearning for a new start in the American wilderness. Their life on the island was tragic from the beginning, as first they lost their beloved child to illness and later their home due to an encounter with ex-Vice President Aaron Burr. Margaret is buried on the island, and is said to wander as a specter in white, wailing for her lost child, her lost livelihood and her home.

A young girl is seen in the mansion, sighted most often by other young children. Adults hear little footsteps, giggles, and see items moving on their own with no explanation.

The island was also a plantation, and home to the slaves who were forced to labor long hours in service to the Blennerhassett family. On the grounds, forlorn singing can be heard on the wind near the areas where the servants were housed. 

Blennerhassett Island is no stranger to tragedy, and it seems as if the spirits that linger there are ready for their story to be told.

Open a few times a year for public investigation, and May-October for private groups

Blennerhassett Museum

137 Juliana Street,
Parkersburg, West Virginia

The Blennerhassett Museum is a historic building in what was once the red-light district of Parkersburg, West Virginia, and is filled with historical items. The building itself has a long history and has served many purposes, the second floor was even a brothel from the 1880s-1930s. 

Many spirits are said to walk the halls of the three stories available for investigation: native spirits in the basement, a little girl who loves to play and show herself to shocked visitors, and a man in a suit who searches out females in the building to help fill his lonely hours. 

Staff have often felt unnerved, and the caretaker who sometimes stays the night after a long day of events will awaken in the night to hear talking, laughter and footsteps.

Open a few times a year for public investigation, and year round for private groups

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