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Angela Boley is a Psychic Portrait Artist and Paranormal Investigator with Blue Collar Paranormal. She was originally trained as a commercial artist and graphic designer by the Art Academy of Cincinnati but has had psychic experiences from early childhood after dying in the emergency room.


This experience unlocked her psychic gifts. We all have spirits with us. She paints the portraits of those spirits and relays their messages because she is is able to both see and hear them.


In your individual session with Angela, she will include images the spirits want her to include in your portrait as a visual form of communication from them. Once she is done with the portrait, she will conduct an energy clearing and give a reading based on the ancient system of Viking Elder Futhark runes.

Join Angela in the Anchorage mansion for a one on one psychic reading along with paranormal portrait painting session.

2024 Dates: Jan 13, March 9, May 11, July 13, Sept 14, Nov 9. Reserve your spot below!

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