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Lafayette Hotel in Marietta Ohio
Victorian on Stairs

Want to get the full story, see the usually off-limits locations and wander the dark hallways for yourself? We now offer behind-the-scenes Ghost tours of The Lafayette Hotel! First enjoy a ghost tour of the building that will last 60 minutes, and end with a 60 minute paranormal investigation in some of the most haunted areas. 

The Lafayette Hotel, built in 1918, was the third hotel built on this spot in Marietta's history. This area, once known as 'Picketed Point' was one of the earliest areas of settlement for white pioneers that immigrated to the Northwest Territory in 1788. A hotel has been located on what is now known as 'Lafayette Corner' since as early as 1835.

The Mansion House, once located where the Hoag Extension of the Lafayette Hotel is today, was an elegant accommodation that hosted not only wealthy travelers but also parties and balls for Marietta's elite. The Bellevue Hotel, built in 1892 beside the Mansion House, was a showpiece for the town's economic prosperity during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Mansion House, Bellevue and Lafayette Hotel have seen their fair share of tragedy: from fires, floods, accidental death and economic turmoil. 

The Lafayette Hotel, now over 100 years old, is a testament to the success of Marietta's ability to thrive during harsh times. Even so,  the building and grounds brim with legends. Staff and guests report eerie voices after hours, footsteps in the hallways, and even full apparitions. While most of the entities appear friendly, it is nonetheless disconcerting to awaken to a shadowy figure standing at the foot of the bed.

Join the Hidden Marietta team to explore the mysteries of this historic hotel and see for yourself if you can find evidence of a haunting!

Adults: $25
Kids Age 5-12: $20

2024 Dates: TBD

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